Photon Micro-LightŪ LED flashlights were chosen by the National Aeronautics & Space Administration, for use by U.S. Astronauts during the 81st flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. In the cramped area of the space shuttle, the compact brightness of the Photon Micro-LightŪ simply made sense. These high-tech LED key chain lights have also been used by NASA for several other space shuttle missions.

  With visibility over 1 mile (at night), these NASA Approved LED lights are not your average key chain flashlights. Their virtually unbreakable LED bulbs, also covered by the Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty, are powered by long-lasting (even in subzero temperatures) lithium batteries having a 10 year shelf life, and a continuous use rating of 12-120 hours (compare to about 5 hours from a typical C-cell flashlight), depending on the beam color selected for the LED light.

  In addition to more uses for these high-tech photon lights than you can shake a stick at, the overall advantage of these astonishingly powerful mini LED lights is that they enable you to have a virtually indestructible, long-lasting, dependable, personal convenience & emergency flashlight with you at all times, ready for any unexpected occasion or emergency. They're so small & lightweight (less than 6 grams) as to not even be noticed in your pocket, purse, or on your key chain, yet powerful enough to project a bright beam 20 to 30 feet. 

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