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Photon I 


Order Your Photon I Now

   Photon I - The original Photon Light has been completely redesigned. The new Photon I features an easy-to-use squeeze button (light stays on only while squeezing the light's case.

Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Hours of Continuous Use: (Replaceable Lithium Batteries are not affected by subzero temperatures):

Red Photons: 120 hrs.

Blue & White Photons: 12-14 hrs.

Compare to about 5 hours from a typical C-cell flashlight.

Photon I Packaging
larger view

Also see the Photon Micro-Light I Covert model that has a  housing extending from the light's case to shield and protect the bulb, while reducing glare and eliminating peripheral light.

Originally designed for covert military use, but is also great for reading programs in darkened theaters, or any other situation where attracting attention or disturbing others is undesirable. 

Photon I Features

Visible for over a mile!

Unbreakable LED bulb!

Gold Plated Leads! Gold plating in the Blue, & White LED leads improves the electrical contact with the battery and also urther protects the Photon light from corrosion.

Glass-filled polyurethane case, virtually indestructable, very abrasion resistant.

Easy-to-use squeeze button

Approx. size & weight of an American 25 cent-piece. So small & light-weight, you won't even know it's in your pocket, purse, or on your keychain!

New Easy Battery Replacement. Now changing the batteries is easier than ever. Battery changes can be completed in less than 30 seconds.

Water resistant case, great for outdoors use.

Easily attaches to key-ring or zipper

Makes it possible to always have light.

Made in the USA.

NASA. Approved. Photon lights have been used by astronauts on several shuttle missions. The white Photon II was used as gifts to the Russian Cosmonauts on a mission to the MIR Space Station.


Enjoy the convenience, safety & security of light...

just a reach away, when you need it most!

Photon Micro-Light® I


Beam colors:


blue, red, white

$9.95 ea.

free shipping*



Neck Lanyard

Lanyard & Clip

Battery & Accessory Kit



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Batteries & More Accessories  

*First Class Mail shipments only, within the continental US, APO/FPO, & US territories. For additional information, see our Shipping page.

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