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 "The light shines brighter & wider than other similar lights, and the quick release key ring is built better (stronger)" - T.D. Staton


 "My hobby is a scale model train system. I was working around the track platform and needed a light to shine into a narrow space. Instead of going after my larger flashlight, I just reached into my pocket for my key chain light. With the smaller size of my Photon 2, I was able to poke it into that narrow space, where my larger flashlight wouldn't have gone."  D.W. Fuller


 "We live in tornado country and I thought the lights would be good things to have in the storm shelter."

     T. Brennan
     Comanche, Ok.

 "I have perused your entire web-site; I looked at every page and was impressed with the PhotonII, white light, and decided to purchase a couple.  (Ma and I are closing in on the BIG 'ol 80 marker, and surely need a jewel like the PhotonII so's we can find our way during the night, when Mother Nature calls - (ya know what I mean - I keep stumbl'n over the durn cat)." - Ed S.



 Fun Stuff! Tape a Photon II to a clear Frisbee for 
some glow-in-the-dark, night-time Frisbee fun!

 Great for emergency power-out situations. The safety & security of light is just a reach away into your pocket or purse, when you need it most!

 Perfect for the flashlight component of the emergency preparedness Portable Kit , as recommended at

  By a snowmobile crash survivor in the high country of Colorado, who was on a solo run in search of fresh powder. A broken back left him unable to move. His subsequent rescue after sundown was attributed to him finally being spotted because of his blinking 
Photon Light.

 Used by a condominium resident to help a next-door neighbor find his flashlight. Photon Lights are so small & lightweight, you won't even notice them on your keychain, in pocket, or in your purse...easy to have one with you at all times!

 By a paritally sight-impaired gentleman to better see the buttons in the elevator, at his workplace.

 Used by an R.N. in a critical care unit at night, during patient assessment visits, avoiding the need to use a brighter light.

 On hiking & camping trips at night; on the trails or just while poking around in the dark looking for stuff.

 By a computer technician while working on wiring in crawl spaces.

 Parents checking on their sleeping son at night, without disturbing him (The Red Photon Light works great for this one). See all the colors.

 An astronomy buff uses the Red Photon Light to view his charts. He can look back into his telescope without loss of night vision which would usually occur after using a brighter white light to view his charts. The Red Photon Light preserves night vision.

 Reading street maps in a vehicle at night without loss of night vision (Red Photon Light).

 Great for helping to get the key into the door-lock of your residence or getting into your locked car when dark outside.

 Convenient for not having to walk through your residence at night, after you've turned off all the lights and are heading for the bedroom.

 Used by a group of friends walking their dogs at night, with Photon Lights attached to their dog collar, so they could be seen easily.

 By a factory worker who used to carry a big flashlight while walking across a dark plant, to turn on the main lights.

 Used by a resident of the Florida Keys during a tropical storm.


The Red Photon I was used by NASA on the Space Shuttle Flight STS-81. White Photon II's were given as gifts to the Russian Cosmonauts on missions to the Mir Space Station.

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