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Ultraviolet & Purple Photons



  These special-purpose Photon lights produce a powerful beam of ultraviolet light which will activate fluorescent ink, strips & fibers that are used as anti-counterfeiting measures in bank notes, credit cards, casino chips, passports, checks, securities, cryptographic papers, etc. These key-chain sized UV lights are also great for checking fluorescent hand stamps at clubs, or curing UV-sensitive glue. The UV Photon features the extended housing of the Covert Photon I to protect your eyes from direct exposure to the UV light. Caution: Intense UV light can cause eye damage if viewed directly. Keep away from children.

Note: Ultraviolet Photon Micro-Lights are a Special Order item, usually shipping 3 to 4 days following your order. If you need an estimate of delivery time, send us an e-mail and we'll reply promptly.


  Purple Photon lights work very well for fluorescence checking as well. The purple lights are closer to what you might expect from a traditional black light, with a deep purple color in addition to the invisible UV light. For some uses, such as checking counterfeit money, we still recommend the pure UV Photons as the visible purple light from the Purple Photons can make it difficult to see the fluorescent strip in American currency. For other uses, such as hunters following blood trails (fresh blood fluoresces under UV light), the Purple Photon may work better than the pure UV version.

Ultraviolet Photons

Photon I Covert Ultraviolet

Momentary Squeeze-Button

(squeeze on, release off)

$19.95 ea.

free shipping*

 Photon Freedom® Micro UItraviolet

larger view

$29.95 ea.

free shipping*

Purple Photons

Photon II Purple

larger view

Momentary Squeeze-Button,

 plus On/Off Switch

$15.95 ea.

free shipping*

 Photon Freedom® Micro Purple

larger view

$19.95 ea.

free shipping*

*First Class Mail shipments only, within the continental US, APO/FPO, & US territories. For additional information, see our Shipping page.

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